Meet Your PFO

2016-2017 PFO Roster

We are currently looking to fill empty positions. If interested, please contact

President: Carolyn West

Vice President: Maggie Erickson

Parliamentarian: Mindy Peacock

Treasurer: Kate Menz

Secretary: Michelle Mapes

Spirit Pack: Carolyn West & Maggie Erickson

PAC Rep: Carolyn West & Maggie Erickson

Carnival Chairs: Kate Menz

After School Enrichment Chair: Tawanna Aimiuwu

Disaster Preparedness:

6th Grade Promotion Chair:

Book Fair Chair: Jamie Smith

Box Tops: Maggie Erickson

Chalk Festival Chair: Olga Atkinson

PFO Website/Facebook Page: Carolyn West

Family Nights Chair: 

Mother/Son Event Chair:

Library Volunteer Chair:

Office Volunteer Chair:

Room Parent Coordinator: Jamie Smith

School Pictures Chair: Juanita Gomez

Special Needs Chair:

Staff Appreciation Chair:

Talent Show Chair: Kristin Smith

Women in History Chair: Melissa Kozak

Yearbook Chairs: Juanita Gomez


2 responses to “Meet Your PFO

  1. Tina Masters

    Hello my name is Tina Masters and I am the kitchen manager at Arroyo Seco Jr. High. I was wondering if I could drop off some flyer and magnets about out food service for the incoming 7th graders. I know there is usually a member of the PFO that is responsible for 6th grade activities and would like to get in contact with that person. Can you please contact me when you have a chance.

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